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Remedy Indications
aggression/fear 30c Animals reacting from fear-based experiences, resulting in aggressive behaviour(often abused, maltreated, rescue animals); Agitation, jealousy, suspicion, paranoia & destructive.
anti-virabac 30c Homeopathic ‘antibiotic’, stimulating the body to fight viral & bacterial infection.
arthritis complex 30c Inflammatory pain, arthritis & rheumatism.
bites 30c Serious bites, ie: spider, scorpion, snake & dog bite.(added Naja Trip – Cobra, Bitis Arietans- Adder and Androctonus – Scorpion)
boils & abscesses 6c Boils, abscesses & ulcers (can push out splinters).
calming 30c General calmative – helps reduce anxiety & to cope with stressful situations .Animals startle and take fright easily, on being touched or loud noises. Obsessive with owners. (“Anticipatory Anxiety – getting into car, visiting vet or parlour)
cystitis 30c Acute bladder infection, frequent burning urination – often involuntary.
dermatitis complex 12c General skin conditions including mange, dermatitis, eczema, dry unhealthy stinging, itching & burning skin.
d.v.c.30c (diarrhoea, vomiting & cramping) Gastro-intestinal symptoms & dehydration.
fracture/osteo 30c Bone & teeth maintenance – repair of fractured bones.
haematonic 6c General blood tonic.(Anaemia). Excellent in recuperative situations eg: post biliary/Tickbite Fever & post-op.Increase the “Vital Force”, enhancing liver, spleen, pancreas, lungs & nervous system
hayfever 6c Itchy eyes & nose, sneezing with watery discharges.
injury 6c Bruises, sprains, muscle strain, nerve & crush injuries, Shock of accident.
kennel cough & cold 30c Chest symptoms including cough, cold & fever.
muco drainol 30c Drains thick mucus from chest, nose, eyes and ears.
otitis 30c (ears) General ear conditions; ear canker, otitis externa, pain & itching. Inflammation & iiritation caused by ear mites.
ringworm/fungal 12c Skin & hoof conditions caused by ringworm fungi; itiching, irritation & hair loss.
renal 12c Kidney & bladder issues of a more chronic nature.
snuffles complex 12c (cats) Specifically to treat the assocatied symptoms and conditions of cat rhinotracheitis.
sting & itch 30c Insect stings & bites. Itchy skin of an allergic nature.
throat 30c Sore, inflamed, infected throats…’cough’/ ‘gagging’ reflex often with salivation and ‘off their food’..
travel sickness 30c Nausea, vomiting & vertigo associated with motion.
t.r.s.200 c Shock, grief, traumatic experiences & separation anxiety.(In the “moment” anxiety/stress)
herbal antiseptic solution (topical) A healing soothing antiseptic solution for topical application

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