ringworm/fungal 12c

Store below 25 C
Keep our to reach of children.

Safe to use in breeding, pregnant, lactating and young/newborn animals.


For skin and hoof conditions caused by ringworm fungi; itching, irritation and hair loss.


Bacillinum 30c – This nosode attends to Ringworm with dry scaly lesions.

Chrysarobinum 6c – Useful when skin disease has progressed to a crusty stage, (often pus underneath) & a foul smelling discharge.  Scaly eruptions around eyes/ears. Vesicular or squamous lesions – violently itching & secondary bacterial infection.

Dulcamara 6c – Typical ringworm, especially of the scalp – hair falls out in spots on scalp & temples, face and chin – pruritus worse for cold wet weather.

Sepia 12c  - Ringworm- like eruptions every spring, often with offensive odour of the skin. Herpes circinatus in isolated spots on upper part of the body. Itching not better from scratching and leaves pinkish hue & brown, claret coloured, small separate nodules.  The animal can be quiet and apathetic.  Where loss of hair in ringworm exposes raised ring shaped eruptions.

Tellurium 6c – Marked skin lesions that take on a circular formation (herpes circinatus) over the whole body.  Ringworm more pronounced on left side.  Dry hot skin often giving off an offensive (fish brine) odour from affected parts.  Itching worse at night on going to bed.

Thallium acetas 6c – Skin lesions taking the form of circular reddish areas in symmetrical fashion.  Fairly rapid hair loss (Alopecia) – trophic lesions of the skin.


5 pillules (dogs & cats) & small animals.
10 pillules (horses & large animals)
Hourly for acute conditions x 3 doses, then 2 -4 hourly x 3 doses. Thereafter, 1 to 3 times daily till well.
See Dosing Guidelines for further details.