Pet Conditions

Find a remedy for over 24 common pet conditions & ailments

As a general rule, if a positive response has not been seen within 24-48 hours, please consult with your veterinarian or your local veterinary clinic.

An easy-to-use remedy finder, which will help to make treatment easier.

Simply match the condition listed in the left-hand column with the remedy listed in the corresponding column.

For some conditions, the remedy may be commonly used for a different indication, but will contain one or more ingredients that will be of use in the listed condition.

Obviously common sense first aid measures should be taken in conjunction with the use of these remedies.

Medical attention should be sought in emergency situations, keeping in mind that the remedies can be given during transportation to the vet.

Condition Remedy to use Common sense measures
Abdominal cramps d.v.c. 30c
Accidents injury 6c and/or fracture/osteo 30c
Aggression aggression 30c
Agitation or Anxiety(anticipatory or other) calming 30c
Allergies / skin rash sting & itch 30c
Anal Gland boils & abscesses 6c/anti-virabac 30c
Sneezing hayfever 6c
Arthritis arthritis complex 30c
Asthma kennel cough 30c
Biliary haematonic 6c/ liver 30c/ anti-virabac 30c/ bites 30c/ haematonic 6c (Post Biliary) May be a medical emergency. Seek medical assistance promptly
Birthing process injury 6C
Bites Dog, Snake, bites 30c & t.r.s. 200c For serious bites, seek medical attention scorpion or spider) immediately. Keep animal still. Flush bite wound. Dose acutely en route. Biting dogs
Bladder infection cystitis 30C Drink plenty of fluids.
Bleeding injury 6c / haematonic 6c Seek medical assistance
Boils, abscesses boils & abscesses 6c. Apply topical ‘drawing ointment’… &anti-virabac 30c Irrigate with topical antiseptic solution.
‘Bronchitis’ kennel cough 30c / if no improvement in 3-5 days, or if difficulty breathing, seek medical help.anti- virabac 30c (where threatened infection)muco-drainol 30c (where thicky mucous) If no improvements in 3-5 days, see a homeopath or doctor. If difficulty breathing, seek medical assistance.
Bone breaks/fractures fracture/osteo 30c
Bronchospasm kennel cough 30c
Bruises, bangs & bumps injury 6c
Burning Urine cystitis 30c Drink plenty of fluids.
Burns t.r.s. 200c and sting & itch 30c.Cool affected area, don’t use greasy (alternate every 15 min.) ointments or pop blistering herbal antiseptic soln. Bath with ½ cup water infused with +/- 30 drops...soak bandage with The soln. and apply to wound
Canine Distemper anti-virabac 30c alt. with kennel cough & cold 30c. d.v.c. 30c – should diarrhoea & vomiting occur If suspected -isolate – highly contagious viral condition
Caesarian Section injury 6c
Car sickness travel sickness 30c
Catarrh muco- drainol 30c
Cat flu snuffles complex 12c / anti-virabac 30c
Chest conditions kennel cough / muco-drainol 30c
Coccyx injury injury 6C
Colic d.v.c. 30c(diarrhea, vomiting, cramping)
Concussion injury 6c Seek medical assistance.
Coughs & Cold kennel cough & cold 30c / muco –drainol 30c
Cramps (legs or abdomen) d.v.c. 30c (diarrhoea, vomiting & cramps)
Croup kennel cough 30c / pets-drainol
crush injury injury 6C
dehydration fluid imbalance 6c (pegasus original)
Dental surgery injury 6c
Dermatitis dermatitis complex 12c…add sting & itch 30c, if symptoms present
Debilitated states haematonic 6c
Diarrhoea d.v.c. 30cReplace fluids & electrolytes
Dizziness travel sickness 30c
Dog bites bites 30c / alternate anti virabac 30c
Dry skin dermatitis complex 12c - alternate sting & itch if symptoms present
Ears otitis 30c / muco drainol 30c alternate for blocked ears. add anti-virabac 30c if infection threat (discoloured and/or odorous discharge)
Ear Canker otitis 30c
Eczema dermatitis complex 12c /Add sting & itch 30c if those sympt. present herb. antiseptic soln. apply to broken skin if occurs
Emotional upset – where “in the moment stress” e.g. Thunder, lightning, horse box loading, etc… Separation anxiety & grief t.r.s. 200c (trauma, rescue, shock) for ‘in the moment’ shock
Emotional Upset: anticipatory anxiety – of vet or parlour visits, driving in car, etc. calming 30c
Eyes (infections, conjunctivitis) anti-virabac 30c / muco drainol 30c / snuffles complex 12c (cats)
Eye (injuries) injury 6c / herbal antiseptic soln. Dilute 2-3 drops of the Soln. in eyebath Lukewarm water and rinse (incl. foreign objects)…consult practitioner soonest.
Fever anti-virabac 30c / kennel cough & cold 30c
Food poisoning d.v.c. 30c (diarrhoea, vomiting & cramps)/ a'virabac 30c.Replace fluids electrolytes.
Flatulence gastric plus 30c (original pegasus)
Fluid retention/Oedema fluid imbalance 6c (pegasus original)… treat topically Simultaneously (can apply the antisep. soln. should secondary bacterial infection threaten)
Fractures fracture/osteo 30c can alternate with injury 6c, should there have been an accident.
Grief t.r.s. 200c (Ignatia, the chief grief, separation anxiety remedy)
Hair loss ringworm/fungal 12c, / Add haematonic 6c where malnourished.
Hayfever hayfever 6c / snuffles complex (cats)12c
Heat Stroke/ exhaustion fluid imbalance 6c (original pegasus)…avail plentiful liquids
Hepatitis liver 30c (pegasus original)
Hyperactivity calming 30c
Hysteria calming 30c
Horse/dog shows calming 30c Anticipatory anxiety assoc. shows, training, etc.
Hoof fungus ringworm/fungal 12ctreat topically also (herb.ants.sol)
Incontinence cystitis 30c…acute / renal 12c…more chronic issues
Indigestion, bloating, flatulence gastric plus 30c (pegasus original)
Infections(Viral & Bacterial) anti-virabac 30c. Apply topical a’septic soln. to open wounds.
Injuries (accidents, bumps, sprains) injury 6c. Apply herbal a’septic soln. broken skin
Insect stings & bites sting & itch 30c / herbal ants. soln on broken skin
Itchy skin sting & itch 30c / dermatitis complex 12c. (if more severe) a’septic soln top. a’septic soln top.
Joint pain arthritis complex 30c. Codliver Oil into the food useful to ‘lubricate’
Kidneys renal 12c ‘Supportive’ consult practitioner
Leg ulcers haematonic 6c / liver 30c (pegasus original)
Maltreated animals aggression 30c (‘fear’ based experiences / t.r.s. 200c (prev. trauma)
Meniere's syndrome travel sickness 30c
Motion sickness travel sickness 30c
Mucous (nose, ears, chest) muco-drainol 30c/ otitis 30c/ kennel cough 30c .alternate
Muscle cramps injury 6c (thro strain) / haematonic 6c (‘de-mineralized) / d.v.c. 30c .alt. /
Muscle strain injury 6c
Nausea d.v.c. 30c (diarrhoea, vomiting,cramps), alt. fluid imbalance 6c (original pegasus)-Hydrate
Operations (post) injury 6c / haematonic 6c / fracture/osteo 30c
Panic attacks calming 30c / t.r.s. 200c
Older animals (debilitated) haematonic 6c
Post- operative (healing) injury 6c / haematonic 6c
Rash – skin sting & itch 30c apply topical herb. antisep. soln.
Rheumatism arthritis complex 30c
Ringworm ringworm/fungal 12c
Sciatic pain injury 6c / anti-spasm 30c (pegasus original)
Scorpion sting bites 30c / a'virabac professional help
separation anxiety t.r.s. 200c (Ignatia)
Shock/ trauma (‘in the moment’) e.g.Thunder, fire-crackers t.r.s. 200c
Skin rash sting & itch 30c / dermatitis complex 12c…(if more severe) If, progressive, revert to vet
Snake bite bites 30c / t.r.s. 200c. Treat on way to vet.
Snuffles in cats snuffles complex 12c
Spastic colon anti- spasm 30c / gastric plus 30c (pegasus original) alternate these remedies
Sore throat throat 30c. Seek professional help if difficult to swallow
Spider bites bites 30c / a'virabac 30c
Sprains/strains injury 6c
Stings (bee, wasp, etc.) sting & itch 30c
Stomach cramps d.v.c. 30c (diarrhoea, vomiting & cramps)
Stomach flu/bug d.v.c. 30c alt. with gastric plus 30c (original pegasus)
Stressful situation calming 30c / t.r.s. 200c animal and owner
Sunburn sting & itch 30c
Surgery calming 30c (pre-op) / injury 6c (post-op)
Throat ‘infection’ throat 30c. Seek professional help if difficult to swallow.
Tick Bite bites 30c / a'virabac 6c / haematonic 6c Alternate all 3 rems. liver 30c (orig. pegasus), post condition.
Tight chest kennel cough & cold 30c/ muco drainol 30c…where very phlegmy
Thorns/splinters boils & abscesses 6c. Clean with herbal antiseptic soln.
Thunderstorms calming 30c at earliest anticipation / t.r.s. 200c when happening
Fire- works calming 30c at earliest anticipation / t.r.s. 200c when happening
Transportation calming 30c (anticipatory anxiety) / t.r.s. 200c (while travelling)travel sickness 30c
Trauma/shock t.r.s. 200c…attends to both physical & emotional shock/trauma
Travel sickness travel sickness 30c (nausea, vomiting & vertigo from motion)
Tummy bug d.v.c. 30c / a' virabac 30calternated
Twisted limbs/joints injury injury 6c / arthritis complex 30c
Urinary infection cystitis 30c (acute), renal 12c (chronic)
Urticaria (itching) sting & itch 30c
Vertigo travel sickness 30c
Vomiting d.v.c. 30c (diarrhoea, vomiting & cramping)
Wheezing chest kennel cough/ muco-drainol 30c (in cats)snuffles complex
Whitlows boils & abscesses 6c
Whooping cough kennel cough 30c
Wounds injury 6c / herbal antiseptic soln. topically…add anti-virabac 30c where threatened infection