Practical Dosing Guidelines

A ‘dose’ is 5 pillules (dogs, cats & small animals) and 10 pillules (horses & large animals)

One cannot overdose, thus rather dose ‘too frequently’ initially than not. Once a positive response is observed, decrease frequency.

The ‘purest’ homeopathic method of dosing is onto a ‘clean mouth’, directly from the cap. However, with animals one must be practical, adaptive and inventive; Dogs and horses generally love the sugar based pillules but one can crush 5-10 pillules between plastic spoons, add a little water and pour/syringe into their mouths. (the remedy is instantaneously absorbed via the buccal mucosa in the mouth).

One can dissolve 10 – 15 pillules into the pets drinking water (preferably a plastic bowl).

As a last resort, add into some food or the feed. (The correct remedy will ‘break through’ and heal).

Cats will often take with yoghurt or milk.


  • In Acute cases such as stings, bites, injury and shock, dose every 15-30 minutes x 3 doses, then every 1 – 2 hours x 3 doses, thereafter every 4 hours until relief is obtained.
  • For General, less acute conditions, 3 x Daily till well, will suffice.
  • For more chronic conditions, E.g. Arthritis or Kidney issues, dose just once daily, once a positive response to the acute phase is achieved. (Stop dosing once desired results are achieved – dose only while symptoms are present).

Should a positive response to the symptom, not be seen within 3-5 days, then referral to a homeopathic Vet or Veterinary Practitioner is strongly advised.

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