Ian Wheeler with Daleen Totten of Natural Medicine World

Daleen interviews Ian Wheeler, pharmacist and founder of Pegasus Homeopathics. He shares his motivation behind developing a homeopathic kit for over 100 ailments, why every home should have one and when and how to use these remedies.

I just want to say Thank you! I have been introduced to Pegasus injury 6c, and it has changed my life dramatically.
I have had severe whiplash twice in my life, and also suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. It was so severe that I had to stop doing cake decorating and also painting, as I couldn't feel the brushes or the tools. Severe pain especially in the mornings. I wake up with dead hands, aching like crazy and I did not know what to do with my hands because of the pain at night. I had to let my right arm hang down the side of the bed, to try and get life back in my arm and hand.
After I started using injury 6c, I have no pain, no pins and needles, I can sleep without pain. what a blessing!!!!!!
When the pain goes, it keeps up for about 2 months before I have to start using the remedy again. Please never take this product off the market because I will not survive without this!!!
Thank you so, so much.

Serita van Heerden.

I always have my Blue Box at hand. I use it to treat my whole family including my pets. For me, the anti-spasm 200C has helped so much to alleviate restless legs syndrome, my hubby has benefited from v.m.t 30C (vertigo, morning & travel sickness) for his vertigo. I treat my dog with bronchial relief 30C when he gets kennel cough. (now there’s a special pet remedy available kennel cough & cold 30C) Interestingly enough, if my dog is ill, he laps the meds from my palm, but when he is better, he won't. I am so glad I have found Pegasus Homeopathics! I am a paramedic and often suggest these remedies to my patients.

Mel Gouws

My first encounter with Pegasus medication was when a doctor gave my son anti-virabac 200c when he had Rubella and he was literally almost healthy by the next day. By the first night the fever was gone and there were almost no red spots on his body. I then started investigating the Pegasus range and saw what a wide variety of illnesses Pegasus homeopathics was able to address.

Nadine Prinsloo

Last night my dog was knocked over by a car. The first thing we grabbed was our blue box - he was clearly in shock and we immediately gave him the injury 6c and t.r.s (trauma, rescue, shock) remedies. Immediately he was calm and in less pain, which allowed us to lift him and rush him to the VET! You have an awesome product and I’m not sure how my family would survive without this amazing product

Melanie Adams Petersen

“I just want to thank you for your wonderful Anti-spasm 200C remedy. We have been using it for a month now and are amazed at how effective it is! My wife has been suffering from Restless Legs Syndrome for 25 years. We have over the years tried various supplements and normally it takes 2 Tramacet painkillers to stop the pain. We have tried everything from natural products to chronic medication to electric therapy and lotions and oils/ointments.
Your Anti-spasm 200C is the first product that actually stop restless legs in less than 15 minutes. Simply amazing! It has changed her life. Since buying your Pegasus Blue Box with all the remedies in it, I have used the Arthritis & Gout 30c remedy for regular knee pain after an operation I had years ago - the arthritis remedy sorts it out no problem. Phlegm - no problem. Colds - no problem. Thank you!”

Hendrik Brink

My 3 year old daughter slammed 3 of her fingers in the car door and they went blue immediately! I ran into the house with her, ran cold water over her hand and gave her injury 6c from the BLUE BOX every 15 minutes. After 1 hour you could barely see that she had had an accident and she was back on the jungle gym, playing happily.

Nicolene Kriel, Roodepoort

I picked up a bottle of the v.m.t 30c last year from a stall at a show at the Dome and wanted to give it to my brother who was suffering from vertigo. The little bottle went with me to work and landed on my table, nobody using it as my brother’s symptoms seemed to have been a side-effect from other tablets prescribed. I suffer terribly from motion sickness so when we did a boat trip to the Galapagos Islands in February, I took the v.m.t 30c and chucked it in my handbag, not really thinking it would make a difference.
Most of the other tablets make you feel so drowsy. Wow, what a surprise! 10 days on the boat and I was even able to snorkel and survive the trips on the little zodiacs without being too green!
Thank you, your little miracle tablets helped me enjoy a memorable holiday!

Hengelene Redelinghuys-Krook

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