Your product is really amazing, during my pregnancy I battled with IBS and very bad bladder infections. I was desperate and couldn't take anything till a lady at the health shop gave me the cystitis and gastric plus, I was sorted within the afternoon. I will use this product even for my baby.

Danielle Botha

I wouldn’t go anywhere without my Pegasus Bluebox kit!

Samantha, Cape Town

A very deep and serious sword-grass cut on my finger requiring 7 stitches, healed rapidly and with hardly any pain or scarring after taking Pegasus Injury 6C.

Rozelle, Cape Town.

Our 2 border collies survived a 6 hour drive by alternating Pegasus TRS (Trauma, Rescue, Shock) with VMT (Vertigo, Morning & Travel Sickness). Homeopathy works really well with pets as well as humans!

Trudie, Gauteng

While on a group walking safari in Kruger Park, I took along my Pegasus Bluebox kit and was able to help a someone with hay fever, another coming down with a cold, a case of nausea and diarrhoea, and muscle fatigue and stiffness of an older guest so he could continue walking the next day.

Ian, Cape Town

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