Frequently Asked Questions

Is homeopathy safe?
Homeopathy, being an extremely diluted (but highly energized) medication is SAFE to use even in Pregnancy, the Newborn Infant and the Elderly. Beyond the 12C potency, there is no measureable molecular mass of the original substance, hence NO allergic response is possible.
Is homeopathy slow to work?
In ACUTE conditions, as long as the patient doses frequently to begin with, the ‘Healing Messages’ filter through to the body rapidly and the intrinsic healing ability of the body is activated within THREE DOSES or less (In deep CHRONIC work, where a classical Homeopath may only give a single remedy once a week or less, the response time may be slower but this ‘constitutional’ treatment brings about wonders. In deep Chronic illness, expect a month of healing for each year that the illness has prevailed.)
Do the remedies expire?
Homeopathic remedies are energetic. There is most often, no measurable molecular mass/substance to expire. The subconscious mind ‘sees’ the ‘holographic picture’ of the original starter substance, which triggers the inate energetic response. Simply success (tap the bottle a few times in the palm of the hand) the remedy before dosing, should it not have been used in a while. This re-activates the Homeopathic principle.
Do homeopathic medicines interact with conventional, allopathic medicines?
Homeopathy is very COMPLEMENTARY to our Allopathic (chemical) drugs. Homeopathy strives to treat the cause of the disease, while the drugs alleviate palliatively the symptoms. Herbology and Homeopathy also are synergistic. The Herbs act on a physical level but aren’t addictive like chemicals, while the Homeopathic remedies heal at a deeper level.
How should homeopathic medication be stored?
All medication should be kept as cool as possible. Homeopathics however, are far more resilient to heat than are allopathic drugs. They are generally packed in quality amber glass bottles, which further ‘insulate’ from heat and light. (Homeopathics should not be stored alongside micowaves, T.V’s, Cellphones and other ‘radiating’ appliances for fear of interfering with the Energetic aspect intrinsic to Homeopathy. Moisture also, will damage the pillules).
What are the strengths of Homopathic remedies?
The remedies are designated by their name and potency e.g. SINUS 30C (the C stands for the number of dilution and succussions, applied to the particular remedy, a 200C has been potentized and diluted many times more than a 30C and would generally be applied where the condition is highly emotional and for deeper constitutional action. Below 12C there is measurable molecular mass of active substance and these are used in acute cases, where a more ‘physical’ action is required. 30C remedies are a nice balance between physical action on symptoms but simultaneously healing at a deeper constitutional level i.e. treating cause and symptom!)
Are Pegasus Homeopathic products available for purchase outside of South Africa?
Unfortunately, not at this time. Constraints have been imposed by customs into the UK, USA and EU with regard to importing Homeopathy and Natural medicine as a wholesale product. We are working on finding a solution.
Where can I buy the Blue Box™ and the rest of the Pegasus range?
Our products can be found in all good pharmacies and health shops countrywide. Check our stockist list here. If your local pharmacy is not already stocking the Bluebox Kit™, you can ask them to order it direct for same day delivery via their pharmacy wholesaler.

Explanation of Homeopathic Terms


This is one of three potency scales used in homeopathic pharmacy. It was the first potency developed by Hahnemann. 1 part medicinal substance (either dry or as a tincture), mixed with 99 parts dilutent (Sucrose or alcohol), and then succussed (shaken), yields the 1c potency. Taking 1 part of that potency mixed with 99 parts diluent, then succussed, yields the 2c potency. This is repeated until the desired potency is achieved. A 200c has gone through this process 200 times. A 1M potency has gone through this process 1,000 times. The higher the potency, the stronger the energetic effect of the remedy.


The term pillule refers to the small, round white pills used to dose homepathic medication. Our pillules are made from sucrose and shaped like a ball bearing. The medication is coated around the outside of the pillule.


Remedies are commonly designated as 6C, 30C and 200C and above. The ‘C’ stands for Centesimal, a measurement for potentization,which means a substance has been diluted one part to a hundred. Let’s take as an example, Arnica, which is used for bruising, swelling and trauma. If Arnica Montana is ingested orally in its raw plant form, it will cause symptoms of bruising, bleeding and body ache which however, converted into a homeopathic potency of Arnica, will relieve exactly those symptoms caused by the raw plant. This demonstrates the underlying principle of Homeopathy which is ‘like cures like.’
The raw original starting substance is repeatedly diluted and succussed (shaken vigorously), to achieve the higher potencies. Beyond the 12th potency, ie 12C there is no longer any measurable molecular mass, but purely the energised form of the medicine. The sub-conscious mind can ‘see’ the holographic picture of the original starter substance (animal, plant or mineral). This means that as there is no molecular substance, it is impossible for anaphylaxis (severe allergy reaction) to occur, which is why homeopathic remedies are considered to be so safe.


The process of forcefully striking a homeopathic remedy against a firm surface so that it is vigorously shaken.