Dosing Guidelines

As a general rule, if a positive response has not been seen within 24-48 hours, please consult with your homeopathic practitioner or your General Practitioner.

Applicable from Newborn to the Elderly, human or animal. Suck 3-5 pillules on a clean mouth (oral buccal mucosa of the mouth. Avoid peppermint, coffee, toothpaste and other ‘aromatic’ food or drink) 20min prior dosing. Each dose is a 'message' to the body and NOT a drug, therefore the frequency of the dose is vital, rather than the number of pillules.

Clean Mouth

Absorption of homeopathic remedies takes place in the mucosa of the mouth. For optimum absorption a clean surface is required. ...  Clean does not mean go and brush your teeth, it means clear of any strong flavours. Homeopathic remedies should not be taken within 20 mins of eating or drinking (except water), and strong flavours like coffee, peppermint, toothpaste and smoking should also be avoided. However, in an emergency situation (e.g. a child has been stung by a bee) give the remedy immediately as some absorption will occur. More...

One Dose is 3-5 pillules

The pegasus remedies are in the form of medicated, lactose-based pillules. Do not handle the pillules directly as the remedies are very dilute and subtle. ...  Pour 3-5 pillules into the cap of the bottle and then straight into the mouth from the cap. The pillules should be sucked, preferably under the tongue and not chewed or swallowed whole. Each dose is a message to the body rather than an amount of medication, so the dose is the same for an adult, a baby or a horse. Frequency of dosing is the more important aspect. More...

Frequency of Dosing

The first 12 hours of dosing acute conditions with homeopathic remedies is most important. Each dose is a message to the body to initiate healing rather than an amount of medication. ... 
We are trying to get the body’s attention to begin the healing process. Understanding that each dose is a message to the body, it makes sense then that in an acute situation e.g. bee sting, we want a lot of little messages upfront so that the body ‘gets the message’. As the body responds and the symptoms ease, we need fewer messages, so we decrease the dosage interval. Thus from the second day, the dosing reduces down to 4 hourly as the body now knows what to do. More...

The most common dosage regimen e.g. treating a cold or flu would be: one dose every hour for 3 doses then every 2 hours for 3 doses thereafter every 4 hours. Once the symptoms are under control, you can reduce to 3 times a day for a few days and then stop.

The more acute or intense the condition, the more frequent the dose e.g. in a bee sting, take one dose every 15 minutes for 3 doses then every half hour for 3 doses. Once there is a response, decrease the dosage interval until 4 hourly and stop once resolved.

In cases of acute, self-limiting ailments, continuous dosing for more than 3-5 days is not recommended. If further treatment is required, a homeopathic doctor should be consulted.

Dosing Children

Dosing children is the same as for adults – remember that each dose is a message to the body and not an amount of medication. It is easy to dose them with the pillules as they taste nice, no nasty tasting syrups!

Dosing Infants

Until an infant can suck the pillules safely without risk of choking (around 8-9 months old), crush 4-5 pillules between 2 plastic medicine measures then add a small amount of water and spoon directly into the child’s mouth. Do not use metal spoons as the remedies are very subtle and absorption may be affected. As soon as the child can suck the pillules, dose normally. Alternatively if you’re dosing frequently e.g. colic, another method may be useful: dissolve 10 pillules in half a glass of boiled and cooled water and spoon one medicine measure into the infant’s mouth for each dose. Discard the water after 24 hours.

Stop Dosing when Symptoms Resolve

Once the desired results have been obtained, stop taking the medication. It is not necessary to take the medication until the bottle is empty. Prolonged use of a remedy, well after it is needed, could end up aggravating the condition. Dose only when there are symptoms present.

Dosing with more than one Remedy at a Time

If it is indicated by the symptoms present, one can dose with more than one remedy at a time e.g. child with snotty nose with infected mucus and blocked painful ears – one could give sinus 30c for congestion plus muco drainol 30c to reduce mucus and anti-virabac 200c for the infection. Giving more than 3 remedies at a time is not recommended as each one is a combination remedy and we do not want to over stimulate the body by giving it too many messages. As soon as you can, reduce using multiple remedies i.e. as the symptoms requiring one particular remedy resolve, stop dosing with that remedy and continue with the remedy that is still required.

When dosing with more than one remedy at a time, alternate dosing between the remedies.
Do not take different remedies simultaneously as this will render them ineffective.

For 2 Remedies

Alternate dosing either every half-hour or hourly initially until there’s a positive response to the symptom picture.
Thereafter, dose every two to four hours until well.
The remedy can continue to be taken once a day or once or twice per week if there is an underlying chronic picture eg: asthma.


The pillules are made of Sucrose, which is a sugar and thus not ideal for diabetics as they are sweet. However, none of the pegasus remedies are intended for use long term as each episode should require dosing for a few days only. Should diabetics choose to use the remedies, they should use only 3 pillules per dose to limit the sugar aspect or as an alternative, dissolve 10 pillules in half a glass of water and use one medicine measure for each dose. Discard the water after 12 hours. This way, the sugar element is diluted.


Animals respond very well to homeopathic remedies e.g. the itchy skin syndrome in dogs responds very well to the histamine comp 30C remedy and the t.r.s 200C (trauma, rescue, shock) remedy helps animals that react badly to thunderstorms and fireworks or during transport. The dosing regimen is the same for humans. Place 4 or 5 pillules in the animals’ mouth and hold the jaw closed. As soon as he tastes the sweet pillules, he will take them more readily. If necessary, one could add around 10 pillules to his daily drinking water, only in a plastic bowl, not metal.


Homeopathic remedies are ideal for use by professional sportsmen & women as they are energetic remedies designed to stimulate the body to heal rather than dosing with an amount of medication. They will not affect performance as some drugs can e.g. side effect of drowsiness with chemical anti-histamine drugs. They cannot be detected in doping tests as the remedies are so dilute (but energised). So for any ailments that an athlete might have e.g. sinus pain & congestion, allergies, injuries & muscle stiffness, dehydration (during & after events), diarrhoea, performance anxiety, headaches, migraine, colds & flu, chest problems, sore throats etc. they can safely and effectively treat themselves, as the remedies are simply providing a message to the body to heal.

Blood Thinning Agents

For those taking blood-thinning medication e.g. warfarin, clopidogrel (Plavix), heparin etc. there are some homeopathic remedies that may affect the blood-clotting process in a small minority of sensitive individuals. The risk is low and the occurrence rare. The probability is further reduced by the fact that the pegasus remedies are only indicated for short-term use (3-5 days). Should one choose to take one of these remedies for an extended period of time, we would advise close monitoring of the blood-thinning medication levels in the blood.

The risk would increase should a sensitive individual take 2-3 of the remedies concerned at the same time. Each remedy concerned has a warning label on the bottle and is highlighted on this website on the individual remedy pages.