bites 30c

Store below 25 C
Keep our to reach of children.

Safe to use in breeding, pregnant, lactating and young/newborn animals.


For Dog, Spider, Scorpion and Snake Bites


Androctonus 30c - Scorpion venom – slows down the degradation process the venom inflicts upon the body.

Carbolicum acidum 30c - This remedy has antiseptic properties. Profuse cold sweat, body aches, weak irregular pulse, respiratory depression, drowsiness.  Animal may pale around nose and mouth.

Bitis arietans 30c  - (Adder) – Slowing down the degradation processes, relating to this bite.

Echinacea angustifolia 30c - Helpful in conditions of blood poisoning and septic conditions.

Guaco 30c  – Helpful for toxic effects on the nervous system.  Antidote to stings of scorpions and serpents.

Hepar sulph 200c  - Affinity for the respiratory mucous membranes, producing catarrhal inflammation with profuse, foul secretions/suppurations.

Hypericum perforatum 200c  – The “arnica” of the nerves, thus excellent for injuries and lacerations where exposed nerves cause intolerable pain.

Lachesis 30c (Bushmaster snake) – Trembling and confusion.  Dark blood oozes from wound, cellulitis with burning skin

Ledum palustre 200c  – Twitching of muscles near wound; affected parts becomes purple and puffy.

Naja 30c  – (Cobra venom) – Bulbar paralysis and oedema.  Tissue below bite wound, dark purple colour, with large quantity of viscous blood like fluid.  Intoxication and salivation with failing respiratory, heart and cardiac system affected. – loss of power over limbs. Sepsis.

Tarentula cubensis 30c – Useful in septic conditions, relative to spider bite.


5 pillules (dogs & cats) & small animals.
10 pillules (horses & large animals)
Dose every 10 min for the first hour, while taking animal to/or awaiting veterinary help, then 1-2 hourly. c (Can alternate the T.R.S.200C remedy for shock)
See Dosing Guidelines for further details.

NB. Getting the animal to professional medical help is of paramount importance,especially in the case of venomous snakes & scorpions.

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