The Post-Natal Remedy 6c


Ideal post-birth. Heals the ‘trauma’ both physiologically and mentally. Used for bruising, bleeding, swelling and inflammation as a result of the birthing process. Ideal for post-caesarean section where a nerve rich area has been cut. Episiotomy, peri-urethral tears,lingering pain from epidural placement and/or urinary catheter insertion.


Remedy Symptoms covered by specific remedy
Apis Mel 6c Severe ovarian & uterine pains (stinging nature) with great tenderness over the abdomen. Uterine haemorrhage. Gives great comfort post-birth. Helps avoid sepsis
Arnica Montana 6c Bleeding tissue trauma – abdomen and uterus bruised. Haematoma. Bruised soreness of muscles and tissue where overstrained with shock
Bellis Perennis 6c Excellent for injury to deep tissue, especially post-surgical work. Muscle soreness and nerve injury. Cervical lacerations, peri-urethral/perineal tears. Groin pain radiates down the legs. Suspected uterine rupture (especially with VBAC post-surgical/forceps birth.
Calendula 12c Exhaustion from loss of blood and excessive pain endured. Post-Caesarean op.Prolapses. Sinking feeling in abdomen. Aching hips with leg weakness. Rupture of cervix & perineum during childbirth.
Hypericum 30c Referred to as the ‘Arnica of the Nerves’ – thus excellent for injuries involving nerves (e.g. extremities and the spinal column–specific for coccyx injury. Shooting nerve pain from epiduralor C-Section.
Rhus-tox6c Helpful where fibrous tissue is affected, e.g. ligaments, joints and tendons. Prolapses – post birth from lifting and straining. Feelings of soreness low down in pelvis.
RutaGrav.6c Painful bruised, sprained and over strained conditions. Bearing down feeling with soreness and lameness. Acts on flexor tendons
Staphysagria 30c Sharp shooting pains in ovary. Sensitive to pressure into thighs. Spasm in vulva/vagina. Prolapsus and sinking in the abdomen. Useful post C-section. To avoid UTI’s post catheterinsertion. Hip & leg weakness. Urinary difficulties after severe labour.

As a general rule, if a positive response has not been seen within 24-48 hours, please consult with your homeopathic practitioner or your General Practitioner.

Directions (PostBirth):

Suck 3-5 pillules on a clean mouth every half hour x3 doses,then hourly x3 doses,then every 4 hours till relief is obtained. Thereafter 3x daily till finally healed and recovered.

ALWAYS USE POST BIRTH/ SURGERY – NOT BEFORE – as could precipitate bleeding. If patient is on any ‘heparin type’ drugs, only take the Post-Natal remedy 24 hours after the last dose of blood thinning drug. (Warfarin, Clopidogrel, Heparin,etc.)