Haematonic 3OC


General blood tonic – works on liver, spleen, pancreas, haemoglobin, eyes (feeds optic nerve), nervous system, lungs & general metabolism. Aids in assimilation of iron into system. Excellent in recuperative situations - Lifts a low ‘vital force’ as in exhaustion post a prolonged and/or difficult birth.

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Remedy Symptoms covered by specific remedy
Cardus Mar 6X Specific relation to the vascular system – varicose veins & ulcers. Haemorrhage, esp. connected to liver disease resulting in debility & fatigue. Also affects the lungs (haemophysis)
China 30c For patients who shows profuse exhaustion/ weakness – aversion to both mental & physical effort. Excellent where loss of fluids, haemorrhages, diarrhoea or diuresis leading to debility. Affects post-operative ‘gas’ pains with loss of appetite. Patient often has abnormal irritability & nervous sensitivity/ mental excitement. Strengthens heart & circulation- stops haemorrhage – aids in anaemia.
Chinin sulph 6c Affects nerves (patient sensitive to external influences), circulation, liver & spleen. Debility from loss of fluids – esp. blood loss. Increases Haemoglobin.
Ferrum met 6c Improves composition of blood – attracts oxygen. Patient generally anaemic with low mental & physical energy. Works well in young females, growing too rapidly. Irregular distribution of blood – haemorrhage with bright or small clots. Addison’s disease, Paralysis from loss of fluids. Headaches because of anaemia.
Phospherous 30c Affects profoundly the nutrition and function of every tissue – from bone to nerve and blood. Improves the composition of blood helping prostrated weak patients to recover strength.

As a general rule, if a positive response has not been seen within 24-48 hours, please consult with your homeopathic practitioner or your General Practitioner.


Suck 3-5 pillules under the tongue in a clean mouth, 3 x daily while low ‘vital force’, then, 2 x daily till energy restored.
Finally, 1 x daily till fully ‘energised’.

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