The Birthing Remedy 30c


Taken in the last 2 weeks of pregnancy for induction in labour, when there are emotional or other issues causing dystocia (difficult birth caused by awkwardly positoned baby – smallness of maternal pelvis or failure of uterus & cervix to contract & expand, disco-ordinated contractions.


Remedy Symptoms covered by specific remedy
Act. Rac 30c (Cimicifuga) Tones cervical muscles (‘ripens’ the cervix), relieves agitation & excitability – pain in ovarian region. Where lack of rhythm, strong contractions but no dilating. Patient says “can’t go on” – gloomy, worse for noise. Actions the uterus, rendering easier labour. Patient feels cold.
Caulophyllum 30c Enables os to dilate easily. Establishes strong productive contractions in 1st stage of labour. Useful when patient is exhausted and pushing/urge deficient, contractions short & irregular, feeble or feel sharp- in lower pelvic region/groin – shaking, trembling, irritable.
Gelsemuim 30c Anticipatory anxiety (performance anxiety – fear of moving forward in labour – doubt which can go on with labour(exhausted, trembling with pains in joints & muscles), nervous chills in 1st stage of labour. Feelings as if uterus squeezed – like a wave from uterus to throat, ending with a choking sensation which seems to impede labour. Uterine inertia in labour. Threatened abortion from sudden depressing emotions. Inefficient labour pains or none at all. Contractions hurt back – pain as if baby ascending rather than descending. Tight band cervix – holding back.
Nat Mur 30c Holding back emotions, feel ‘stuck’, selfconscious & vulnerable. Patient often has headaches, craves fresh air & gulps water. This remedy often ‘flicks the switch’ and labour progresses rhythmically. Helps balance the amniotic fluid & water balance.
Pulsatilla 30c Changeability (physically & emotionally), Stop/Start labour with weak contractions - spaced out contractions that are too long/intense, little dilation. No expulsive energy. Patient is irritable with an ‘irritable uterus’,is clingy, weepy, needy and wants sympathy. Used to ‘kickstart’ labour.

As a general rule, if a positive response has not been seen within 24-48 hours, please consult with your homeopathic practitioner or your General Practitioner.


Suck 3-5 pillules on a clean mouth 3 x daily in the last 2 weeks of pregnancy and through labour (and alternate with the POST-NATAL BLUES 200C remedy, half to one hourly during labour where evidence of fear(of death during labour), grief, trauma and/or symptoms of PTSD(Post traumatic stress disorder) occur.)

See a Homeopath or Obstetrician should baby not turn.